Hosted Exchange

Convenience, Mobility, Security, and Big Savings!

Okay... Admit it... Replacing that bulky, expensive, noisy server scares you doesn't it?  Don't replace it... Move to the cloud.

We offer hosting for your own Exchange 2016 Organization with all the latest collaboration tools... And you don't have to worry about patches, upgrades, maintenance, backups, restores, etc. We do all that for you for much less than owning your own physical Exchange Server.

Our Hosted Exchange Infrastructure is robust, redundant, and secure. We utilize various clustering technologies not only to protect your important data, but to virtually eliminate down-time as well.

On the go? Hosted Exchange is your best choice for the tools, functionality, and efficiency, that allow you to connect from literally anywhere in the world. Use your Outlook Application (Versions 2010 and up), or your iPhone, Android, or Blackberry devices with ActiveSync for real-time email, task, and calendar synchronization. We also offer Outlook Web App... A fully functioning Web Mail interface with all the tools built in, as if you were using the full version of Microsoft Outlook.

We also make managing your Exchange mailboxes, distribution lists, external contacts, calendar sharing permissions, aliases, etc., very simple with our easy-to-use Web Panel as well.

Whether your business has one user or many users, you'll benefit greatly from Hosted Exchange Services from NSI Connect... For considerably less cost than an on-premise Exchange Installation.

New or Existing Exchange Domains
NSIConnect will ensure you get started quickly with your email. Exchange must be based on a domain name, which doesn't have to be managed by us. If you're already using Exchange with another service provider or on premise, we can carry out a migration without data loss or service interruption.

Mobile Navigation
Access your Exchange account from your smartphone, tablet, or desktop PC. Your emails, calendars and contacts will always be with you. Very convenient when you're on the move.

Exchange ActiveSync
With Exchange ActiveSync, all your actions are synchronized simultaneously, and replicated on all your devices (smartphone, webmail, PC), so your Exchange is always up-to-date.

View Email Messages Offline
Thanks to a caching system, you can now view all the emails you have received when you're offline. Very useful when you're traveling and unable to get online.

Outlook WebApp
Outlook WebApp, which allows users to access their email from a web browser, has now been optimized for touch screens.

SmartSearch technology analyses how you use Exchange to optimize your search results.

Shared Calendars & Tasks
The calendar included in Microsoft Exchange enables appointments and meetings to be arranged. In addition to defining the invited participants, you can choose the time, a topic, select a room and even see the availability of your workers, and of course, you can share your calendar or authorise other users to view it.

Easy Online Payment
For ease of use and trusted security, we use PayPal.

Only $3.99 per month, per mailbox.
(10 GB Storage per Mailbox)